GTC Supporting Tools

GTC Supporting ToolDescriptionStatusFinanced by
Hierarchy Checker and Converter

Checks Spreadsheet Vendor Hierarchy for compliance with:
- Consistent GTC Hierarchy according to Generic Hierarchy
- Valid GTC Vendor Id
- Valid GTC connection codes on machine and workpiece side.
The application returns a copy of the checked file with detailed error
and warning feedback. In case of correct GTC classes on product level,
the hierarchy is converted into XML format.
Is being developed;
testing status

Siemens AG

P21 Checker

Checks Product Files (*.p21-files) for compliance with:
- ISO 13399 Schema rules
- Cutting Tool Library (PLIB) rules
- Correct connection codes on machine and workpiece side
Is being negotiated

3D Models Checker

Checks rules according to ISO Document 13399-80, which defines the
creation and exchange of 3D models.
Requirements are being specified

Assortment File Checker

Check compliance with:
- Assortment specification in GTC Package Specification
- Consistency of products in Assortment File and Generic Hierarchy
Is being negotiated

Package Directory Structure

Checks the overall consistency and validity of the GTC Package:
- Does the content of the GTC Package meet one of the defined cases
  in the Specification?
- Check file references in product files
- Check consistency of product files and assortment files
Requirements are being specified