The main messages concerning the GTC and ISO 13399 Roadmap below are:

  • Newcomers better start implementing GTC Version V2 (Specification 2.x). This Version is and will be stable to a high degree.
  • GTC Version V1 is still a supported GTC Version.

Information on stability of V2

  • GTC Package Specification: The 2.x specification will be stable concerning xml schema definitions. The latest specification 2.1 contains mainly adjustments and additions concerning the description for better understanding.
  • GTC class hierarchy generic: Version 1 Release 10 will be a stable version for the period “Ongoing”. On the basis of the experiences gained (since the introduction of Version 1 Release 7), the GTC Founders made some changes for Version 1 Release 10 (Rev-History V1R10). After these changes the GTC Founder Group guarantees a stable GTC class hierarchy both for the class hierarchy itself and for the XSD Schema.
  • GTC properties: New properties are being collected and published as file GTC property definition.
  • ISO 13399 product files: Product files (p21) are stable.

Future release of Plib 2

  • It will take some time until Plib 2 will be released. An official timeline is not yet known and therefore the Roadmap does not consider Plib 2 yet.
  • The release of Plib 2 will require an update to GTC V3. There will also be changes for the product file (p21). It is important to know that the Plib changes also will simplify the conditions for the GTC implementation.
  • The main message is to consider V2 as a stable version in the mean time.