About Us

About Us

Having a common digital format for cutting tools is a benefit for different stakeholders. Tool vendors create their data only once and applications read all cutting tool catalogues in the same format. A detailed description of the GTC business value can be found in the “Sandvik Coromant Technical White Paper: GTC Guidelines”.

GTC and ISO 13399

The development of the GTC format covers mainly a vendor-neutral catalogue structure and is developed by product data and application experts in the area of cutting tools. The GTC format is a complement to ISO 13399 standard and shall make the data communication possible.

Going forward it is expected that ISO 13399 and GTC will converge so that ISO 13399 will contain all data elements needed for cutting tool data interchange.

GTC distribution

While the four sponsoring companies further develop GTC to refine the format, the NTB distributes the development outcomes on this website. On the Download site you find the GTC package specification with links to different file examples as well as the GTC class hierarchy. This hierarchy is shown the way it is defined in the form of a product data excel file. However, this format will change in the near future.

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